How is Business Process Automation (BPA) Reshaping the Real Estate Industry?

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5 min readFeb 6, 2023
How is Business Process Automation (BPA) Reshaping the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is majorly about buying, selling, and renting properties. Business process automation in this industry can include the use of technology like business process automation software to streamline real estate processes such as property listings, advertising, and transaction management.

This can include the use of online platforms for property search and listing, electronic signatures for contracts, and automation of financial and administrative tasks. The use of bpm automation in real estate companies can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase productivity for real estate professionals. This has also been the reason why 61% of realtors in the industry have already employed automation, and 35% of real estate companies are looking to adopt automation in their real estate processes.

Impact of BPA on the Real Estate Industry

The real estate business never remains the same, and such businesses can not grow without adapting to the new technologies and strategies in the market. The main work concerned with real estate is dealing with multiple parties, looking for investors who can contribute to future projects, maintaining inventories, inviting tenants, and keeping a close look at profitable locations, etc.

All these hectic tasks can not be done manually if the volume of work is huge. Here, bpm automation can prove to be quite efficient if you choose to do online real estate business. The use of advanced technology and software to list properties to attract investors, tenants, and buyers is a great way to keep growing in the real estate business. There are various types of business process automation, and every organization should choose what suits them the best and help them grow in their specific industry. This can save a lot of time and effort.

Let’s look further into the impact of BPA in the real estate business. Let’s get started.

Top Reasons to Automate Real Estate Processes

Top Reasons to Automate Real Estate Processes

Introducing business process automation in a real estate business can positively impact its growth. Here are some of the most significant reasons that justify why you should automate your real estate processes:

1. To Boost The Workflow

Once the workflow gets automated, it will be easy for you to complete the most crucial tasks of your real estate business in a very short span of time. This can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Apart from workflow, even the communication between you and your clients will get simpler and faster than ever before.

2. To Avoid Human Errors

We can not ignore the fact that it is normal to expect errors from a person working on multiple projects at a time. However, if processes are handled by automated software, there will be very few chances of errors in the real estate processes.

3. Less Expensive

By employing real estate automation software in place of extensive processes, real estate companies can reduce their expenses substantially. Most standard activities that are generally overwhelming for the staff can be taken over by the tool.

4. Get Repeat Clients And Referrals

As soon as you create an online real estate presence, you will start getting clients from various locations. The best part about going online and automating the processes is that your clients will be able to refer you to their friends and relatives. This would be quite easy for everyone to reach you just by clicking on their mobile phones.

5. Better Business Control

It is a challenge to monitor the team’s workload as any firm expands. Which work belongs to whom? Who has the time to complete the demands? Such questions are quite frequent and regular.

Monitoring workload, viewing schedules, and planning for workload distribution can be much more effective with business process automation in real estate processes.

Real Estate Processes to Automate

Real Estate Processes to Automate

There are several real estate processes that can be automated with the assistance of business process automation companies to ensure higher efficiency of the companies, as follows:

1. Property Listing Management

Recently, there has been a change in the way clients seek real estate properties. People are now looking for online real estate property listings. This is a reason why companies need aid in online real estate property management. The automation in real estate business process allows online property searches and inquiries to be available to potential clients.

2. Accounting and Financial Transactions

It is mandatory for current real estate businesses to automate their financial and accounting transactions to provide a fair picture to the clients. Workflows like foreclosure processing, invoice processing, Account receivable and payable processing, payroll processing services, tax preparation, property account management, late payments, arrears, and default management can be managed with the help of real estate automation software. All the financial transactions, including budgeting and payroll management process, can be simplified with automation.

3. Digitizing Records

Remote access to crucial documents is vital when managing online real estate processes. Digitizing documents with the aid of bpm automation can simplify the search and discovery of information regarding any property significantly.

4. Real Estate Market Research Analysis

Business process automation can efficiently be used to analyze the real estate market and take steps according to recent trends. This can help a real estate business grow significantly. Hence, business automation workflow is crucial for market research in real estate.

5. Real Estate Data Collection

Collection and presentation of data in front of clients are very crucial in the real estate industry. Any human error in data collection can cause huge losses to the business, whereas the chances of errors are quite low in automated business processes.

6. Real Estate Data Entry & Processing

Manual data entry and processing are not efficient enough to keep up with the growth of thriving real estate companies. Processing each invoice and transaction by hand results in a loss of time that businesses cannot recover. With the help of business process automation software, a centralized system can be established for management, end-to-end review, and enhanced efficiency of the processes.

7. Real Estate Appraisals

The majority of real estate agencies spend a lot of time planning inspections and appraisals, gathering data, taking images for analysis, and preparing reports and certifications. All the parties involved, including clients, appraisers, inspectors, and real estate agents, can benefit significantly from automation.

A real estate agent can eliminate chances of errors and reduce the delivery time of reports without compromising on quality or dependability by automating the tasks like real estate appraisals.


The real estate industry is definitely going to thrive like never before as most businesses have already started adopting business process automation at their workplace. The automation in the real estate business process adds to the growth of the organization. If you own a real estate business and are looking for automation services, you can check out Triyock BPO. This trusted organization can help you automate your business processes to make them capable of achieving the heights you have always wished for.



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